Moving into a new home should be a very exciting experience but too often it can become overwhelming trying to relocate all your belongings and keep track of all expenses and vital information. Follow this complete checklist to ease your transition whether moving from a single bedroom to a larger apartment down the street or moving a 5-bedroom house across the country.

Moving Checklist

Before Your Move:

  1. If you have kids begin researching schools in the new district and gather all education documents including registration forms
  2. Gather boxes and packing supplies. Big Box stores will often give you boxes for free if you request them.
  3. Create a moving plan including driving routes, plane tickets, moving companies and all other moving day needs
  4. Transfer or Cancel any memberships you have with magazine subscriptions, newspapers, gym memberships, monthly services (Netflix or Hulu) and any rewards clubs you are a part of
  5. Create a file with all vital information for each member of your family including birth certificates, marriage/divorce records, medical records, prescription plans, insurance, vehicle information, pet vaccination reports, and all other important information to keep on hand while moving.
  6. Create a file to maintain moving costs and keep track of receipts and all expenses.7. Research utilities at new location including cable providers, electric, water, and trash removal
  7. Pick a date and plan a garage sale to sell the items you don’t want to move. Schedule a pick-up or drop-off from a local charity immediately following the garage sale to make sure all unsold items don’t wind up in the move.
  8. Notify the post office of a transfer date to begin forwarding your mail. Also, notify any applicable government agencies of your change of address including social security, child support office, department of revenue, internal revenue service.
  9. Contact any banks and credit card companies. Order new checks with your new address
  10. Plan a moving party to take a break and relax before the big move and spend time with friends and family that will help you move or that you will be moving away from Packing
  11. Research packing tips and tricks
  12. Pack a few boxes a day if you can to prevent being overwhelmed
  13. Make a list of items you will need during the day of the move to ensure they don’t get packed (toothbrush, phone chargers, etc) and create a box to
  14. Empty gas or fuel from all lawn equipment, grills and/or outdoor toys
  15. Mark all boxes with the room it will go in rather than the contents to make it easier for movers
  16. Label all cords with a sticker to easily locate what electronic it belongs to. Sometimes taking photographs of electronics before dismantling can be helpful, especially for complicated entertainment systems
  17. If you are taking your refrigerator and/or washing machine be sure to drain the lines and defrost the night before
  18. Ensure your computer has been backed up to an external hard drive in case of damage during move
  19. Plan what items will be needed for pets and how they will be transported during the move and pack any unnecessary items Moving Day
  20. Get up extra early and enjoy a nice breakfast to fuel for the day ahead of you
  21. Stay calm and stick to the plan you created

    Put all boxes inside the new home and have a plan to unpack within two weeks. Once you are moved in take a few days to explore your new neighborhood and meet your neighbors. Remember to send thank you notes to all friends or family that helped with the move and send one to your realtor as well. Enjoy your new space!